Next Day Delivery is our New Normal

Don’t you just hate it when you need something as soon as possible but there isn’t a next day delivery option? NIGHTMARE! We’ve all been there, using occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and seasonal holidays as the excuse for the convenience of next day. But do you ever consider the environmental effects of next day delivery or if the company you’re purchasing from even offers carbon neutral delivery? 

At Simplelifeco, we are proud to announce that not only do we now offer next day delivery, but that all orders will now be carbon neutral; with orders over £20 receiving next day delivery completely free of charge. 

What is meant by carbon neutral and why does it even matter? 

To be carbon neutral refers to no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere upon the making or result of an action which would typically release CO2.  

We’ve all heard of the term “carbon footprint”. Your carbon footprint is the measure of the amount of carbon dioxide you release into the atmosphere through your choices and actions.  

Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and we each contribute to this global crisis through our carbon footprints. Decisions such as driving to work in a diesel or petrol fuelled car, purchasing a take-away coffee, or even having more appliances left on than necessary can contribute to your carbon footprint. 

Making positive choices such as using public transport, using a reusable coffee cup and turning off appliances when not in use could all lower your carbon footprint and consequently reduce your effect on the global issue of climate change. 

As a company enabling carbon neutral next day delivery, we are not only reducing OUR carbon footprint and the amount of CO2 we release into the atmosphere, but we are reducing YOUR impact too. By choosing carbon neutral next day delivery you are not only reaping the benefit of convenient next day delivery but also choosing to be environmentally friendly – it’s a WIN WIN! 

What can a business do to become carbon neutral?

It’s our goal to create a lasting positive impact on the environment and to eventually becoming an Industry Leader in this field.  

Here are a few things we currently do at Simplelifeco, as an FSC® certified company, to reduce our carbon consumption: 

  • Plant a tree with every order  
  • Use only compostable and sustainable products 
  • Working with Climate Partner to undergo a life cycle assessment of our products’ carbon emissions 
  • Work with sustainable delivery partners ONLY 
  • We’ve completed our B CORP Impact Assessment and are awaiting the next steps.

Can next day delivery truly be carbon neutral?

Definitely!  At Simplelifeco, we have carefully selected carbon neutral delivery partners specifically for their green credentials.  

Our small orders handler, the Royal Mail, is a fantastic ambassador of the carbon neutral movement. Continuously working to improve their carbon footprint, the Royal Mail is researching and investing in such solutions as electric vehicles, drones and more to ensure their pursuit of a sustainable service is realised.  

Carbon neutral industry leader, and our large orders handler, DPD, have recently won not one but two sustainability awards for their outstanding commitment to sustainability within the business sector; focusing on such matters as air quality, green packaging and circular economy to name a few.  

We also plant a tree with every order which helps to offset any remaining carbon. 

So, next time you choose the convenience of next day delivery, make sure to check if your supplier is carbon neutral and consider how you may recycle the packaging of your delivery – be an ambassador for change, be an ambassador for carbon neutral! 

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