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The Gemba

Oh hey... Welcome to our place, fondly named The Gemba.

A while back, we learnt that in Japanese culture "the gemba" means the place where the action happens.

We thought that it so accurately describes our place, that the name has stuck ever since!

Come on in....

A little bit about

How Simplelifeco started...

Just two of us working out of our spare room in Cardiff and a tiny living room that resembled an understaffed Royal Mail sorting office during the Christmas period - This was Simplelifeco when we started developing our first product in 2019.

Amongst the chaos...

Very soon, we realised just how much single-use plastic was used to both pack and ship products to customers. This was not good news.

It struck us that if, as a new business we had this problem, then other businesses had to be in the same predicament... but on a much larger scale!

Our focus...

To innovate sustainable packaging with no negative impact on the environment.

After months of research, development and implementation of different packaging materials, styles and ideas, we decided that the only way we were happy to package our products was in a way that was as close to zero waste as possible.

In order to make our idea a reality we knew we had to produce our own range of mailing bags from materials that are 100% compostable and sustainably sourced.

  • The first ever Simplelifeco product was actually from our gardening range; Plant Grow Bags. We still love them today.

  • We originally sourced a paper manufacturer to help us package our Plant Grow Bags in paper bags rather than plastic.

  • Realising that other businesses may want a paper packaging option too, we began to offer ours to our community.

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Simplelifeco eco friendly packaging uk compostable mailing bags

A commitment to design innovation, utilising new materials, and designing packaging in an environmentally responsible manner has enabled us to move forward as a business.

Having recognised the need for zero waste packaging, we got to work developing our compostable mailing bag collection.

We found the answer

to our single-use plastic problem.

And now we want to share the solution with as many other small businesses as we can!

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  • Beth

    Beth takes care of the creative side of Simplelifeco and is in charge of all the things you see.

    She designs all of our products, builds the listings and website and runs the socials.

  • Dino

    Dino is always working on all things behind the scenes and really keeps the business running smoothly.

    You'll often find him buried deep in a spreadsheet somewhere making magic happen.

  • Jesse

    Jesse is the life and soul of the warehouse and works incredibly hard preparing and packing products ready for shipments.

  • Niamh

    The newest member of the team, Niamh has blended right in. Not only does she help prepare products for shipments but she is also writing up all your community features.

  • Sharon

    Always on speed dial and prepared to take on any challenge, Sharon is the best accountant in the world. Fact.

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