A Beginners Guide to B Corp

B Corp; you’ve seen it dotted along various types of packaging and products and if you’re anything like me before I started working here at Simplelifeco, you have no idea what this little B symbol means. If you do know , you’d understand why it’s a wonderful way to unlock new opportunities and communicate the level of ethicality of your business.

What Is a B Corp?

B Corp is a private certification that is a great way to demonstrate the height of ethical performance of a company, both socially and environmentally. It shows that as a company, not only are efforts being made to be ethical, but also shows 5he level of transparency the company has to clients or consumers.

Why B Corp? 

There are a multitude of reasons why a company should aim for the B Corp logo on their products. Not only does it make an organisation take social responsibility, but it can also attract more business.

  1. Becoming B Corp is a unique way to publicise your brand . It shines a positive light on your business and sets you apart from any competitors. 

  1. It attracts investors

  1. It encourages social responsibility 

  1. It’s measured holistically, so all aspects of a business are fairly evaluated. 

  1. B Corp is constantly developing its standards to ensure 

Prove It

If you are still on the fence with B Corp , here is a list of brands that are certified B Corp. you may even recognise a few!

Body shop 

Ben and Jerry’s 


JoJo Maman Bebe

Guardian Media Group


Pip and Nut

B Corp is gaining more importance in the market, this can be seen with some grocery brands like Ocado and Waitrose developing “virtual aisles” that feature B Corp only brands .

If you’re looking to help your company enhance it’s ethos by addressing social and environmental standards or even just to avoid “greenwashing” accusations then going B Corp is definitely for you. Establishing the ethicality of your company will set it apart from the rest and shows a certain dedication not found in many!

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