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Simplelifeco UK

Paper Bakery Bags

Paper Bakery Bags

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Simplelifeco UK Paper Bakery Bags are made from a new light, reinforced kraft paper and are designed to be sturdier and more resilient than regular brown kraft paper food bags.

Our brown bakery bags are 100% food grade and strung in packs of 100. All bags are packed in a paper packaging bag and secured with paper tape before being placed inside one of our mailers, or a box for larger orders.

Size: 7 x 15" with a side gusset of 4"

About the material

Our bakery bags are made from sustainably sourced paper from well managed forests. 

Made from 100% virgin kraft paper with ribbed fibres, you’ll struggle to find a stronger alternative! The ribbed fibres in the paper offer a higher durability than regular brown kraft bags which means they last much longer!

How to dispose

Paper is widely recycled, so you can put your used paper bags in with your kerbside recycling. Or if you have green fingers, you can shred the paper bags to add to your compost heap!

Not only does paper help to soak up any excess liquid in the compost, but it can provide an excellent source of carbon. A healthy compost thrives on a ratio of 25 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen. Since paper is almost entirely carbon, it can help to balance a compost that has a little too much nitrogenous matter like fruit and veg scraps.


We provide same day dispatch on all orders before 2pm Monday - Friday. It's a next day service and also FREE for all UK mainland orders.

As a proud-to-be-green business, we ship all of our orders in our very own eco friendly, zero-waste packaging and for larger orders, we reuse pre loved boxes and use water activated paper tape.

Quality Guarantee

We take great pride in providing the best eco friendly paper bags available, with a professional finish that is unchallenged. 

Each pack is quality checked and you can rest assured our bags are everything you expect; built-for-purpose, sturdy and a super simple eco friendly swap.

Why Simplelifeco?

We’re on a mission to provide a greener future for our planet, and over the last year we’ve helped support the planting of 5,000+ trees. Since launching our website, we’ve partnered with Ecologi and continue to plant a tree for every order we get. It really is “buy one, get one tree” here!

Working closely with all of our manufacturers, we’re always striving to reduce the amount of waste that reaches landfill, and in 2021 we pledged to become net zero by 2030 through the SME Climate Hub.

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