Oh hey!

Welcome to our place, fondly named The Gemba.

Why the name? A while back, we learnt that in Japanese culture "the gemba" means the place where the action happens.

We thought that it so accurately describes our place, that the name has stuck ever since!

Come on in and we'll tell you how we got here....

The adventure begins...

Just two of us working out of our spare room in Cardiff and a tiny living room that resembled an understaffed Royal Mail sorting office during the Christmas period...

This was Simplelifeco when we started developing our first product in 2019.

We found a problem...

Very soon, we realised just how much single-use plastic was used to both pack and ship our items to customers. This was not good news.

It struck us that if as a new business we had this problem, then other businesses had to be in the same predicament... but on a much larger scale!

Our focus shifted

Our plan moving forward was to innovate sustainable packaging with no negative impact on the environment.

We got to work developing our compostable mailing bag collection.

Simplelifeco eco friendly packaging uk compostable mailing bags

We committed to innovating an alternative mailing solution, utilising new environmentally conscious materials.

Our compostable mailing bag collection was born 💛

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