End-of-Life Reclamation Program

Although all of our products are designed to avoid landfill, either by being 100% compostable, recyclable or reusable, we are aware that there is a small percentage of customers that may not be able to fulfil these objectives themselves and that is why we have this program in place.

Below, we have highlighted the key objectives of our active end-of-life reclamation program:

  • Customers who for whatever reason are not able to dispose of our products responsibly (either by composting, recycling or reusing) have the option to send back any items at the end-of-life and purchased within the past 12 months to be properly taken care of by the team at Simplelifeco UK. 

  • We pledge to always accept any end-of-life products to be sent back to us for us to deal with appropriately.

  • Products sent back to us in this manner will be processed and sorted accordingly, where any reusability will be determined, and the stock will be split between items that can be reused (bags for storage, bin bags, food waste bags, even dog poop bags!) and items that should be disposed of responsibly.

  • This program is open to any direct customer that can demonstrate proof of purchase within the last 12 months, and all items must be shipped to our headquarters at Unit 22, Abercarn Industrial Estate, Bridge Street, Abercarn, NP11 5EY and marked “FAO: Dino Hodzovic”.