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At Simplelifeco, we have carefully selected our delivery partners based on their green credentials and customer service.

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Next day delivery is our new normal

Not so long ago the idea of “Next Day Delivery” was considered to be a luxury benefit that would cost the earth (if it was even available!).

Since the pandemic and the rise of innovation in logistics and technology, more people have gotten a taste of the benefits of next day parcel delivery and it has suddenly become a must! 

That’s why next day delivery is our new normal. 

Say goodbye to snail-paced shipping and hello to lightning-fast deliveries, thanks to our incredible partnerships with the top delivery companies in the UK!

Your order will be on its way to you in no time with our 24-hour shipping service. Get excited for your package to arrive sooner than you ever thought possible!

*Please note: We pride ourselves on our punctuality in shipping orders, but every once in a while, those sneaky courier delays like to throw us a curveball - apologies for any inconvenience! Rest assured, we're already working hard to resolve the issue and get your package to you pronto!*

Our shipping partners

We’ve partnered with two of the UK’s best delivery companies to provide you with the smoothest, hassle-free and super delivery.

We decided to work with these delivery partners because we really resonate with their environmentally consious business practices. Not to mention the delivery drivers are so friendly!

Carbon offsetting

We are always striving to reduce our impact on the environment. That’s why we’ve chosen the delivery partners that we work with carefully based on their eco-credentials and the steps they are taking to reduce their carbon footprint moving forwards.

Where is my parcel?

If you haven't received your parcel 5 working days after dispatch, please get in touch and we will work together to find the best solution for you.

*Please note that we will always do our bit, but sometimes there can be delays from the couriers.*

Royal Mail

For all regular orders, we have partnered with Royal Mail

We are really fortunate to be located on the same Industrial Estate as the Royal Mail Sorting Office - this means we can walk over with our mailing sacks and hand these straight in without using a drop of carbon to get there!


UPS don’t just deliver parcels, they deliver good in the world.

Their roadmap, including achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and improving the well-being of 1 billion lives by 2040, is provided in detail on their website for everyone to see.