How to make a home made natural Christmas wreath

Not only is making a wreath a fun and rewarding activity to do with the family, but they make your home welcoming to visitors and set the Christmassy tone before anyone even walks in. 

My mum and dad love to make wreaths every Christmas, so this year I asked them to teach me the steps so that I can share with you. So grab your wire and get ready for some crafting.

What you’ll need:
Thin twine or gardening wire
Secateurs/hardy scissors
Natural moss
Wreath ring or an old wire hanger
    Step 1

    Firstly decide what size wreath you want to make and then purchase the necessary wire wreath ring. My parents used 8inch, but the choice is yours. An alternative option here is to use an old wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle shape. Also purchase (or reuse) florist or garden wire on a reel.

    wreath ring, florists wire

    Step 2

    Grab your coat and walking boots and get ready to go out foraging for foliage in the woods. When you get to the woods, you’ll be looking to get cuttings of holly, ivy, conifer. You may want to take your gloves too as the holly is very spikey.
    simplelifeco UK foraging in the woods

    Try to get holly with red berries and ivy with flowery things on it. You can use fir cones too if you like for a little extra prettiness!

    Step 3

    Take small bunches of the foliage and bundle them together. Start with conifer as the base, then put the holly followed by ivy and wire them all together. Make about 8 bundles, or however many will fit around your wire ring. 
    bundle the cuttings together simplelifeco
    Place them around to make sure you have enough before you move to the next step.
    wire the bunches together

    Step 4

    Get a bundle and attach it with wire to the frame at a slight angle. Keep adding the rest of the bundles by wiring them on to the frame.
    add wire to the bundles and attach onto the ring
    Step 5

    Add some finishing touches to your wreath, like a bow some fir cones, or even dried oranges and cinnamon sticks.
    add ribbon and decorations onto your wreath

    Step 6

    Hang up your wreath and tag us in your photos. I bet it looks amazing!

    Thanks for reading, and thanks to mum and dad for helping to explain the steps!
    simplelifeco UK christmas wreath
    simplelifeco UK christmas wreath
    christmas wreath simplelifeco UK

    Happy crafting!

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