Our big warehouse move, and why we did it

Simplelifeco UK - Our big warehouse move and how we intend to grow
Yipee we made it!
Last month we moved our business from 2 tiny little cupboard sized self-storage units, to an amazing 2500sqf/ft warehouse in the beautiful Welsh Valleys.
before and after warehouse
Aside from the amazing scenery, this big move has opened up a world of opportunities for us to grow and develop our brand.
Amazing scenery, Abercarn, Caerphilly
Finding this place was well worth the wait! We are so grateful to have such an amazing space to build and grow our business.
More space for new products

We LOVE launching new products, and the list of ideas is endless.

Up until now we have had literally NO SPACE to store, let alone prepare and package new orders, so our growth has been hindered.

One month in, and we have already launched our Paper bags with handles, and we also have new sizes in our cornstarch mailing bags and biodegradable poly bags. Keep your eyes peeled for more products dropping soon!

The room to hire staff

As we now have the space, later in the year we will be looking to grow our team, which will help us so much with efficiency and productivity.

We are extremely passionate about equality and diversity at every level of the business and we aspire to some day offer training, work experience and jobs for members of the local community. 

Team work really makes the dream work, and we are so excited about this part of our venture. We look forward to working alongside some amazing people and having an empowered, inclusive and resilient community

Reduce our carbon footprint

Our mission is to provide a greener future for our planet by supporting green projects across the globe. Over the past year we’ve helped support the planting of trees in Madagascar and the construction of wind farms in India. Every order we receive goes a lot further in providing a greener future for our planet.

As a proud-to-be-green business, we promise to ship our products in eco friendly, zero-waste packaging– that’s with every order we receive! We also run completely on 100% renewable energy from Octopus Energy too!

 Get Creative!We have been using recycled pallet wood to build everything in our warehouse.

From the outside signage, to doggy gates, packing tables/trolleys and even our kitchen (although this is still a working progress!), it is all home made and made out of waste pallets.

Here are some photos that we couldn't resist sharing!

collage of pallet building creationsThat's all for now folks, stay tuned for more updates!

Have a super amazing week!

Beth 🧡💛🌍✨🌱

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