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Growing veggies may seem tricky, but is actually pretty simple once you know the basics.

Here you’ll find an overview of the gardeners year, some ideas of what to plant (and when!) and some essential tools to get you going. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy the read.
Spring (March-May)

Spring marks the end of a long, dark and cold winter and beginning of an explosion of sight, sound and colour.

There are so many reasons to love spring; the longer days, the bird song, and new life that brings and explosion of colour. It really brings a feeling of excitement in the air.

Spring is arguably the busiest time of year in the garden, with lot’s of jobs from sowing seeds to pruning back the roses.

Here is a list of gardening jobs to try this spring:


Cut back the borders

Mulch the borders

Start mowing the grass

Plant hardy veg (see the calendar below)

Plant early potatoes

Sow veg

Plant Summer flowering bulbs

Summer (June-August)

Summer’s finally here and your garden is the best place to enjoy the sunshine!

By now, everything will be looking full of abundance, green and lush. Trees and shrubs are leafy and most plants are flowering - your garden will need to look tip top ready for inviting over friends and family for barbecues.

Here is a list of gardening jobs to try this summer:

Mow the lawn regularly

Keep everything well watered

Weeding (the heat makes them grow like crazy!)

Make compost from lawn cuttings and other compostable items

Remove the weaker fruit to help the stronger ones grow more

 Deadhead roses

Autumn (September-November)

Autumn, a time for a change of colour. Out with the green and in with the orange. 

A crispy autumn breeze and the whistle of wind rustling through the little leaves that are left on the trees makes for a real picturesque season. Cozy nights and log fires are moving in, but there are still jobs left to do in the garden.

Here is a list of gardening jobs to try this autumn:

Harvest your crops

Rake leaves as often as you can to keep the job as light as possible

Start planting spring/winter bedding bulbs

Collect seeds from your garden for next year

Bring in tender plants under cover before the first frosts

Take hardwood cuttings from shrubs and roses
Winter (December-February)

In winter time, the garden is well and truly sleepy, nothing is growing and most of the wildlife is hibernating. This is the time to reflect on this years gardening season, find out what worked and what didn't and start thinking about next years plans.

Here is a list of gardening jobs to try this autumn:

Bring in any remaining garden furniture and solar lights

Start to plan next seasons crop/flowerbeds

Enjoy displays of evergreens, winter flowers and attractive barks.

UK Vegetable Planting Calendar

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