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Mina, the founder of macrame business Hangers and Macrame, has been following her own advice since she fell in love with macrame during the second lockdown.

"I fell in love with macrame during the 2nd lockdown and I was instantly hooked," Mina said. "It was my therapy and my way of switching off from reality and focusing on creating something beautiful.". 
Mina, founder of Hangers and Macrame
Mina's passion for macrame has driven her to become more eco-conscious and committed to running an eco-conscious business.

"I care about the environment and want to help make the changes for a greener and healthier future for my son and his generation," she tells us. 
Hangers and Macrame shop
When we asked her what she found most challenging, she mentioned social media and keeping up with current, ever changing trends.

"Social media platforms are quite intimidating," she said. "The change of Instagrams move to reels has been super challenging as it’s really out of my comfort zone." 
Mina is now focusing on selling online and getting her products into the right type of shops, and developing a website is now a priority. 

For anyone thinking of starting a business, Mina’s advice is simple. "Be prepared to work harder than you have ever worked," she advised. "It's not always easy, very lonely and it's easy to lose motivation at times but trust the process and know that all will be worth it in the end. Mistakes are how we learn so don't beat yourself up when you do."

Huge good luck to Mina as she moves away from markets and pops up shops by launching her own website later this month.
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