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As the pandemic took the world into an almost new wave of existence, the market for quality vegan products has grown drastically; more and more people have been exposed to an eco conscious way of thinking. With shocking statistics surfacing the media about meat consumption and production being a leading cause of modern animal extinction and deforestation, it’s no wonder plant-based diets have skyrocketed in popularity. 

Sweeping into the market, with an online bakery that is not only kind to the planet, but also kind to animals and people; Linda, proud owner of Kind Cookies online bakery,  proves that ‘delicious’ and ‘plant-based’ can be synonymous.

Kind Cookies Vegan Bakery
“My goal is to offer delicious baked goods that are kind to animals, the planet and my customers” she tells us.
“I was making a lot of one particular style of cookie for a treat during the work from home phase of the pandemic. My partner kept saying “you could sell these!!!” 
This encouragement from her partner has proven to be everything she needed because after laughing the idea off initially, she took his advice, went for it and hasn’t looked back since! 

Linda shows such a strong passion for the eco-conscious ethos of her company; with both her ingredients and packaging being environmentally friendly. She initially saw packaging the cookies a much larger challenge than the environmentally friendly aspect of baking them. She tells us ”I didn’t want to use plastic to individually wrap the cookies, so I was thrilled when I found the greaseproof paper bags!!”.  We are so proud to have helped Linda replace the plastic wrapping that is often used amongst many food businesses. 

Linda originally used paper tape to seal her mailing boxes, but found that this was very time consuming. She is ecstatic to have now developed and sped up her packaging process by using compostable mailing bags. “I was so happy to find compostable mailer bags”.
Kind Cookies Vegan Bakery
Linda is so passionate about every part of her business, from concocting new recipes  to doing her part for the environment. She is highly aspirational and dreams of opening a cafe or bakery at some point in the future. This will give her the opportunity to expand the postal business and further incorporate a more in-person community by offering local collections. 

Linda’s advice to those considering starting a small business is to start small, and “if there is something you can offer that you think people want or need- offer it. As long as it brings you happiness, it’s worth it.”

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