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“Meg Cat Hooray was born out of my love for making decorations for my own children’s birthday celebrations and my desire to create stylish, modern reusable and eco conscious decorations.” 

Megan, owner of reusable party decoration business Meg Cat Hooray, strives to create great quality decorations that are made to last for years, and to be part of the family celebration traditions.  

Meg Cat Hooray Party Supplies

The pursuit of this business emerged from Megan’s experience in the wedding industry.  ‘I would use a lot of Perspex and plastics... these would all get dumped after one day and that just didn’t sit right with me”. Shortly after covid hit the industry, Megan knew that building a business through the desire to change party decorations for the better.  

Being an eco conscious person in general, Megan and her family always want to make as many eco friendly choices as possible. “It troubled me that the materials I was using in my job were far from eco-friendly and disposed of after a single day” she says. Changing her career pathways to follow  her passion for the planet shows her dedication to her business and the environment.
meg cat hooray, eco friendly party decorations

Megan tries her hardest to make her materials UK based, biodegradable and/or recyclable. “The biggest and easiest thing businesses can do to be eco friendly though is to look at packaging” Megan tells us. She likes to use paper tape for sealing boxes and she also uses paper mailers which all help make her overall carbon footprint really tiny! She feels that it is important not only for the environmental benefits, but also the impression it makes on customers as being eco friendly becomes increasingly more significant. 

There are  few challenges that come hand in hand with running a business and being your own boss. She tells us that “having to wear all the hats” can be quite a challenge. Managing all the admin, the supplies, the accounts and more does prove stressful at times but also having full control of creativity and the flexible hours is a huge benefit that suits Megan as a mother of two.  
meg cat hooray eco friendly party supplies

Next steps for Meg Cat Hooray is increasing production and Megan explains that she “would very much like to employ someone to help me in some aspects of the business that take me away from making my products”. This could help her focus on channeling her creativity to push the brand in new directions.  

.Meg Cat Hooray is proof that taking the leap can open so many doors for a career. Megan leaves us with a few words that perfectly sum up her journey from being in the wedding industry to owning her own sustainable, aesthetically pleasing business. “It’s daunting and can feel risky, but doing something you love and feel passionate about every day is incredible.”


Meg Cat Hooray Eco friendly party supplies and decorations

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