Michey Loves: Stylish, Affordable Accessories for the Eco-Conscious Fashionista

If you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe without breaking the bank, look no further than Michey Loves. Founded in March 2020 by the stylish and savvy Michelle, affectionately known as Michey, this brand offers a curated collection of beautiful, affordable ladies accessories that are sure to elevate any outfit.

When asked to describe her business in a nutshell, Michey confidently states, "Beautiful, stylish, affordable ladies accessories." And it's clear that she means business - or should we say, Michey Loves.

With a background in ladies accessories, Michey's decision to launch her own business came naturally. "I only sell a curated collection of pieces that I love," she explains. And it's this passion for fashion that drives Michey to source only the most unique and on-trend products for her customers.

But running a business isn't all fun and games. Michey admits that the finance side of things can be challenging. However, she's determined to overcome any obstacles in order to bring her customers the best products at the best prices.

One aspect of Michey Loves that sets it apart from other accessory brands is its commitment to eco-conscious business practices. "It's important for the environment and all our futures," Michey states. And she's not just paying lip service - Michey has taken concrete steps to ensure that her brand is as eco-friendly as possible. By using Simplelifeco's Paper Mailers and Compostable Mailers for packaging, Michey is able to send her products out into the world with minimal impact on the environment.

Looking ahead, Michey has big plans for Michey Loves. "To continue to bring on trend, unique and affordable accessories to my customers," she declares. And with her drive and determination, there's no doubt that she'll succeed.

For anyone thinking of starting their own business, Michey has some sage advice: "Have a plan, be organised, and most importantly, be passionate and excited about starting a new venture." And if her success with Michey Loves is any indication, following her advice is sure to lead to great things. 

So, why wait? Head to https://micheyloves.com/ or follow @michey.loves on social media  to find your new favourite accessory today.

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