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The gymwear industry has boomed in recent years with the gym being more than just a place to work out, but a social setting with developed culture around it. Not Today B is a brand built around feeling powerful in the gym by wearing chic and comfortable garments that come in a range of trending tones and shapes. Owner, Rebecca, has dubbed it “Boss Girl Activewear”

rebecca, founder of sustainable gymwear brand Not Today B 

The business began as a result of the drastic change to lifestyles that we were experiencing at the time. I found myself struggling at work and not being able to switch off from it after 5pm”. Rebecca seeked an escape from the workaholic mindset in exercise, which helped to kickstart the brand as it gave her more opportunity to put her mind somewhere else for a change. 

Something that makes this brand different from others is the fact that eco friendly packaging is prominent. In the UK, approximately five million tonnes of plastic is used every year. With nearly half of this statistic being from plastic packaging, it’s important to ensure that we aren’t causing any more damage than we already are by switching out to packaging that is kind to our environment. “Fashion can sometimes not have the greatest reputation as being that eco.” Rebecca admits, but Not Today B is a company willing to change that reputation for the good.

sustainable gymwear brand Not Today B using Simplelifeco eco friendly packaging

Making moves to introduce eco friendly packaging was a start in the evolution of Not Today B. the next steps for the brand are coming soon, with a third range of classy gym apparel on the go!. 

Sustainable gymwear brand Not Today B

Rebecca’s love for feedback really fuels her love for Not Today B. “If you look good whilst doing it, it makes the whole process easier. Hearing feedback from all my lovely ladies really spurs me on.”  

As someone who is already pretty knowledgeable in gym-related stuff, Rebecca pushes those who want to start a business of their own to really get into whatever market they’re in. “Read every book you can! And do not give up!” she says. 

“The world produces 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year” she tells us, so it’s important to do our bit as businesses to combat this. “Research, research, research!” is Rebecca's motto that hopefully resonates with those hoping to start their eco-friendly journey soon.

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Rebecca, founder of sustainable gymwear brand Not Today B
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