RaynCloudArt: Celebrating Diversity and Embracing Difference

Rayn, the visionary behind RayncloudArt, is not just an artist but a force of nature. With a mission to inspire and teach while spreading joy through their creations, RayncloudArt is more than just a business—it's a movement. When asked about their elevator pitch, Rayn beams, "I'm a queer, neurodivergent artist and it’s my goal to inspire and teach other artists while bringing a little extra joy into your life with the art I create!"

The journey of RayncloudArt began in 2021, but it wasn't until 2022 that Rayn decided to take the leap and turn their passion into a full-fledged business. "I reached a point where I was experiencing the worst Autistic burnout in my life," Rayn shares. "I needed to find a way to support myself and it's been a dream of mine to have my art become a part of other people's lives."

As the founder of RayncloudArt, Rayn wears many hats, running the business full-time. Despite the challenges of managing the administrative side of things, the joy of creating art and teaching others keeps Rayn going. "Thanks to the wonderful people who continually support my small business, I have the incredible opportunity to use all of my time to create art and help teach others to do the same," says Rayn with gratitude.

One of the standout features of RayncloudArt is its commitment to sustainability. Rayn proudly shares, "It was always important to me to be as eco-friendly as possible. I started off by reusing packaging I'd received, but I really wanted to use eco-friendly supplies that stand out and help make my brand feel a little more recognizable."

Turning to Simplelifeco for eco-friendly packaging solutions like Paper Mailers, Compostable Poly Bags, and Extra Large Paper Sacks has been a game-changer for RayncloudArt. "Finding Simplelifeco really did change the game for me," they add, highlighting the importance of aligning their business practices with their values.

Looking towards the future, Rayn is excited about expanding their product offerings. "I'm super excited to be working on having my art printed on t-shirts. I'm also hoping to expand my enamel pin collection," Rayn shares with enthusiasm.

When asked about advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Rayn urges starting small and focusing on achievable goals. "Start with five and see how it does so you don't end up with tons of stock that you can't sell. Make your goals things that you have control over," Rayn advises, drawing from their own experiences in building RayncloudArt.

RayncloudArt is not just a business; it's a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and making a positive impact.

By infusing their art with intention and purpose, Rayn invites us all to embrace our unique gifts and spread joy in our own way. Visit @RayncloudArt on social media and https://rayncloud.art to embark on a journey of creativity, inspiration, and eco-conscious artistry with Rayn.

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