Revolutionising Classic Motorcycles with Monty's Classic Motorcycles

Are you ready to rev up your engines and take a ride down memory lane? Look no further than Monty's Classic Motorcycles Ltd, the go-to destination for top-quality spares for classic Triumph Meriden motorcycles. With over 35 years of experience, Monty's is a haven for vintage bike enthusiasts.

Behind this classic motorcycle mecca is a husband and wife duo like no other - Monty and Ann Montgomery. Their passion for classic motorcycles has driven them to build a thriving business together. We caught up with Ann to learn more about their journey and their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

When asked about their elevator pitch, Ann excitedly explained, "Monty's Classic Motorcycles Ltd is the ultimate destination for classic Triumph Meriden motorcycle enthusiasts. We provide top-notch spares that keep these vintage beauties running smoothly."

With over three decades in the business, Monty's Classic Motorcycles  has become a trusted name in the classic motorcycle community. But it wasn't a solo effort. Ann shared, "Monty has always been a keen biker and into classic motorcycles. I've had a passion for old bikes since I was a teenager. It was only natural for me to join Monty and run the business together."

Running Monty's Classic Motorcycles is a lifelong commitment for Monty and an adventure for Ann. "My favourite part is being involved in the classic bike world and meeting our amazing customers," she said with a smile. However, every thrilling ride comes with its challenges, and Ann admitted, "Lately, postage reliability has been a major hurdle for us."

In their quest to tackle challenges, Ann made a conscious decision to make their business more eco-conscious. "We use a lot of packaging to send our spares out every day, so I felt it was time to find more eco-friendly ways to do so while keeping it economical and safe for our customers' orders," Ann explained.

Taking their first steps towards eco-friendly business practices, Monty's Classic Motorcycles started by reusing as much packaging material as possible. But their eco journey didn't stop there. 

In their pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions, Monty's Classic Motorcycles turned to Simplelifeco. Ann shared, "We use a range of Simplelifeco products, such as compostable mailers, paper mailers, compostable poly bags, and board-backed envelopes".

So, what's next for Monty's? Ann revealed with enthusiasm, "We will continue to supply as many spares to as many classic bike enthusiasts as want them. We are a very small niche company, and we thoroughly enjoy what we do."

For anyone thinking of starting their own business, Ann offers this valuable advice, "You need perseverance and enthusiasm, as well as being realistic about your goals." With Monty's Classic Motorcycles as an inspiring example, it's clear that passion and dedication are the fuel for success.

If you're longing for the glory days of classic motorcycles, Monty's Classic Motorcycles is your golden ticket. With a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and now eco-consciousness, Monty's is leading the way in the vintage bike community. So, buckle up, put on your helmet, and get ready to embrace the ride of a lifetime.

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