S1at3r Clothing

Mark Slater, founder of the tattoo-inspired apparel brand S1at3r, has been on a journey to start his own business since he and some friends first had the idea over a decade ago. 
tattoo inspired clothing by S1at3r
The pandemic provided the perfect opportunity to make the idea a reality, and after 8 months of research, the first collection of tees was released in September 2021. 

When we asked Mark about his favourite part of running S1at3r, he tells us; "Everything! I love it all. Seeing people wearing a t-shirt I've designed is a very humbling experience especially when it isn't a family member or a friend." 
tattoo inspired clothing by S1at3r
Mark has been committed to making S1at3r more eco conscious in his business practices. He researched online to find the right product that was affordable and of a high quality.
"Finding the right product that was affordable and of a high quality that fit my brand took some research. I thought having my logo on a plastic bag was more important than an eco friendly bag but I was wrong. It did take a while to find a business that offered exactly what I wanted." 

Mark now uses Simplelifeco's Compostable Poly Bags for his packaging, and his next steps and goals for S1at3r are to "keep pushing the brand to get more brand recognition and change all packaging to eco friendly." 
S1at3r Tattoo Inspired Apparel
When asked for advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business, Mark says, "Be prepared to give up every minute of your spare time, be passionate about what you do, don't look at it as a job but a hobby you love. Be prepared to spend ALOT of money and spend more than you make the 1st year and don't give up too soon! Give it time." 

Mark's story is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication, and proves that with the right attitude and approach, anything is possible.
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