The Solid Bar Company: Revolutionising Personal Care with Solid Products

Rebecca came up with the idea for The Solid Bar Company whilst on board a 36ft yacht half way across the Atlantic.
The Solid Bar Company, founder Rebecca
"With all the large, plastic shampoo, etc. bottles flying about the boat and often leaking, I thought how much simpler it’d be to have solid, leak-free products.” She recently said in an interview.  

“I also needed them to be as good as my liquid products or there would be no point." And thus, The Solid Bar Company was born.

Their products are now multi award-winning from shampoo bars to mosquito repellent lotion bars, all developed in the Caribbean so they can withstand the harshest of climates.

Rebecca says her favourite part of what she does is introducing people to the idea of solid personal care products and helping them out, from sore muscles, to giving them an amazing hair experience. Everything is water-less so highly concentrated and long lasting.  And with haircare bars representing 70% of sales and now in the Mandarin hotels, these are a sure winner.  

Rebecca only uses essential oils which have great scents and therapeutic properties.  She sees the business as creative, even growing her own herbs for the soaps. “You always get to smell good at the school gate!”  It also allows her to have control over her own life, she says.  "I used to be a city trader, so it's a lot less intense and I try and make my life far more balanced these days, even if I don’t always succeed" Rebecca adds with a chuckle.
The Solid Bar Company Hair care
She has become more conscious of the environment, particularly of reducing plastic. "Living abroad on a boat for three years certainly made me more aware of plastic in the ocean.” She says.  “I then wanted everything to be 100% biodegradable, then I made it all vegan then eventually palm oil-free." 

Going the extra mile to find alternative ingredients that are difficult to source may not have been easy, but Rebecca believes it's worth it.

Rebecca also recognised the importance of packaging and how products are shipped, leading her to partner with Simplelifeco and use their compostable mailers.
The Solid Bar Company using Simplelifeco Compostable Mailers
"I came across Simplelifeco quite by accident but immediately noticed the quality of their mailers; the composting aspect with the understated black and colours that really pop versus other competitors  - and the mailers are so versatile you can adjust them to close as large or small as you need, which is great for our orders being such different sizes.  Once they're closed that's it; no tape or staples needed, job done!  Great to support other small companies with lovely products if we can."

She has exciting plans for the future.  They recently launched a hospitality program which is ‘bar re-purposing program’ specifically for hotels to help them achieve zero waste. Additionally, they have partnered with an ex-Olympic sailor to offer yacht racing prizes.  Whatever path they take they are determined to try and keep their prices affordable for everyone.

To anyone thinking of starting their own business, Rebecca offers this advice: "Just know that it will be a lot of work and take longer than you think, so be happy with all the small achievements because they are big and try and enjoy the journey. Don't give up." She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to seek out information and connect with like-minded individuals who are also passionate about making a difference.  Swapping products for other products and services is also fun.

Why not join the solid revolution and give The Solid Bar Company a try?

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Let's raise a bar to a cleaner, greener future with The Solid Bar Company!
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