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“Like Death Metal and Dungeons & Dragons? That’s our vibe! Want comfortable, fashionable garments with dark gritty fantasy designs? We got you!  We're the go-to alternative apparel brand for Heavy Metal Nerds”
Anthony, owner and founder of Uknite the Realm apparel, dungeons and dragons merch
Uknite the Realm has been fuelling the “nerd apparel” industry full time since 2019 with ecofriendliness and creative expression in mind. Anthony, owner of the apparel brand would describe the brand as “the go to alternative apparel brand for Heavy Metal Nerds!”. 

With its gritty, dark fantasy designs, it’s no wonder that they are gaining huge popularity across the globe. The idea originated from Anthony’s years of fronting heavy metal bands, where he'd often be involved in creating the merchandise, along with his passion for playing Dungeons & Dragons. 

​“I LOVED seeing those mini stories and themes I'd written and sang/shouted about brought to life by incredibly talented artists”. ​​

The gap for the business grew when he noticed that the clothing that came along with his hobbies tended to be quite unoriginal and cheesy. Something that encapsulated the intensity of the fantasy world that he often escaped in with his friends, while avoiding a boxy, unflattering fit was what he was determined to do. 

Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who was crying out for a brand like this!”. Not only does he specialise in merch, but has now even branched out into art prints and tabletop gaming accessories!
Uknite the Realm apparel, dungeons and dragons art prints
Anthony has always had an eco-friendly streak in him, “I think it's important to be as green as possible; for now, for the future, and for the planet”.
He is constantly looking for ways to improve the sustainability of the business.
“from the garments we use, and the inks used to print on them, to the packaging we post them out in. Even the art prints we sell are made from recycled materials, and the wooden tabletop accessories are all handcrafted by a close friend of mine (Goth Wood) from reclaimed wood”. 
He has also taken many steps to research and develop the correct methods to go about creating an environmentally friendly business.  While doing so, Anthony stumbled across our compostable mailing bags and has been overwhelmingly kind to us since.

“it's been my favourite business find to date! Quality, affordable, eco-friendly mailing packaging. It's the little things that can do a lot! My customers love them too!”
Uknite the Realm apparel, dungeons and dragons merch uses simplelifeco uk eco friendly packaging
“It’s much the same as seeing my lyrics brought to life” Anthony tells us, and his love for the design process of these garments has stuck with him since he was helping create band tees; “working with an independent artist on a design concept is just as awesome; seeing how they interpret the concept and design brief to create something unique and beyond your vision and expectations.”   ​​

When we asked him what he found challenging about running his business, he answered so transparently. Balancing creativity with other day to day challenges of running a business can sometimes be difficult for Anthony. Having ADHD, concentrating on one thing at a time tends to be a bit of a struggle for him. Though he does agree that it is a necessity when it comes to modern advertising, he mentions that social media strategies can also be tricky “algorithms seem to change quite often and it's just a nightmare to work around”.  He keeps pushing through and learning, after all, many of the unique and interesting bands and acts that Uknite The Realm collaborate with are pushed into the spotlight with social media.​

​Expanding the business looks really fruitful for Anthony. The expansion to other countries like the US and Canada and connecting with interesting people over there has opened more doors for Uknite The Realm “from D&D celebs, to bands, and even an American Football player (who's also a fellow D&D nerd)”. The business has been growing intensely as of 2022 after much hard work, 

“It's been a slow and steady build up until 2022, and it's all gone a bit mad - in the most wonderful way - so long may it continue!”

For anyone looking to start their own business like Anthony, motivation to do what you love is the message that he's putting forward. ​
Anthony, owner and founder of Uknite the Realm apparel, dungeons and dragons merch
​“We all get one chance at life, so don't spend it working in jobs you hate! If you have a passion for something, give it a go and throw everything at it; you absolutely will not regret it.” ​

​Anthony puts his all into this business and it has paid off immensely!
​"It is 100% worth the blood, sweat, and tears! Even if UKTR disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn't regret a single moment of it.” 
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