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As exercising becomes an everyday necessity for many people, Mon- You Rule founder- wanted to explore her desire to break the boundaries that constrict us from what we eat, to what we wear. Most importantly: how we wear our clothes while we exercise.

“Yourule was born out of the frustration of how we all 'supposed to be or do' when it comes to exercising.”


The cycling brand originally named EASY (Egos Are So Yesterday) was launched in 2020 out of a passion for cycling that wasn’t serious like most club cycling is.  “I do like getting stronger on the bike but I never wanted to push every time I went out.”  Mon told us how she wanted to create an opportunity to enjoy her cycling hobby with her friends “When we go out, we can just enjoy the scenery, the chats, the laughs and coffee & cake”` This inspired her to then create a unique kit for the group; evolving into what we now know as YouRule.  


you Rule women cycling brand

Though the clothing of YouRule may not be part of the eco focused part of the business just yet, Mon tells us about the changes that have been made to ensure this for the packaging. “starting with a fully biodegradable and recyclable packaging (from our jute to tie the sock instead of a plastic or more cardboard sock sleeve to fully biodegradable stickers and shipping label)” Mon discovered that the demand increase for the biodegradable packaging aligned with her own demands for the business and uses the Simplelifeco paper mailing bags to cater to this demand. 

Mon also hopes to progress in making the cycling wear part of the slow fashion; ensuring the long lasting quality of the products to prevent high amounts of textile waste. “Our t-shirts are part of the circular economy which means, they can be returned to the supplier after their life span and re-made into a new t-shirt.”, she tells us.

Mon from YouRule cycling brand

Mon explains the obstacles that come with being a “one man business”. “The hardest is getting the name out there,” she tells us. Especially with the name change making it more difficult to gain back the customers that were so used to the original EASY branding. Though the customers that return and the motivational family members do keep Mon peddling onwards to further develop the business regardless. 

As she has moved from the bustling city of London, to the nature packed Peak District, Mon explains how this major event in her life could be a fresh start or possibly a new era for the business. “needs time to re-think what the future holds for the business” This opportunity to brainstorm the next step in her business while she balances her new part of her life could lead to anything but Mon is sure not to give up. The ambiguity in the future of YouRule is quite fitting with Mon’s previous words of wisdom  “There is only one rule and that is your rule”.

Mon has portrayed the realistic side of a business and has explained the many ups and downs that are involved in running a small business. She talks about the wisdom and skills that she has gained while developing YouRule. “I learnt SO many things and I now know I can perhaps do anything I set my mind to. Despite the difficulties, you gain a lot of skills, knowledge and friendships.” 

She also offers advice that sums up her experience to those who are keen on beginning their own small business:

“it may lead to somewhere different you couldn't think of before. DO IT!” 

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