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Zeli, a freelance illustrator, has been making waves in the art and design world for the last 15 years with her self-published books and bilingual teaching materials for schools

With a true passion for illustrating children's books, she’s always exploring new media while finding her preferred materials such as pen and ink, watercolour, pencil and digital techniques.
Zeli Illustrations educational illustrations for school. Packed in Simplelifeco eco friendly mailers
“When I’m not drawing you can find me walking in nature, travelling around European capitals, making lots of coffee, hunting for new art supplies and visiting art galleries and Museums." she tells us.
Zeli Illustrations educational illustrations for school. Packed in Simplelifeco eco friendly mailers
"My favourite part of running my little illustration business is definitely the process of making my artwork and illustrations, finding inspiration and hunting for new watercolours or pencils and new media," she says.
Zeli’s decision to go eco came naturally as she already lives a really green lifestyle, from opting for eco-friendly products and foods to travelling by bus rather than car.

Choosing eco-friendly mailers for shipping parcels came as no surprise, and she now uses Simplelifeco mailers for getting orders to her customers. Lot's of her artwork is also based on instant downloadable files that her customers can download and print from anywhere worldwide.  
Zeli Illustrations London pub print. Packed in Simplelifeco eco friendly mailers
"Choosing eco bags was a life changing choice for me because all of my clients love to receive their parcels in eco bags that are so carefully selected," says Zeli.

 "I do believe anyone starting an art business today should really think about going eco and make the environmentally protection choices we can all benefit from”

Zeli is now working on a collaboration with a small eco-friendly business that produces home and self-care products. She will be creating their brand logo and illustrations for their labels, which will allow her to try out new eco products in her daily self-care routine. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that Zeli is an inspiring example of how it's possible to turn a passion into a successful business while being conscious of the environment and inspiring others to do the same.

Thanks Zeli, we love you!

See more from Zeli at  https://www.zelidesigns.com/
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