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100% Compostable Self Adhesive Bags

100% Compostable Self Adhesive Bags

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Extra Small: 7 x 7" (17.8 x 17.8 cm + Lip)`

Small: 10 x 12" (25.5 x 30.5 cm + Lip)`

Medium: 12 x 14" (30.5 x 35.6 cm + Lip)`

Large: 14 x 19" (35.6 x 48.3 cm + Lip)

About the material

Simplelifeco poly bags are made from a blend of cornstarch and biodegradable polymers.

Following our successful certification, our poly bags have met the strict criteria of the EN13432 European Composting Standard and are permitted to be advertised and labelled ‘compostable’ and also include the seedling label.

How to dispose

Simply pop the used poly bag alternative in the food waste collection bin and it will be taken to the industrial composting facility.

In order to be suitable for composting, products and materials need to meet the strict criteria of the European EN13432 industrial standard… which ours do!

In the industrial facility, controlled conditions like temperature and humidity encourage bacteria and their enzymes to digest the compostable polymers as a source of nutrition and your poly bag will breakdown in just 6-12 weeks!

This process applies to when you see any certified EN13432 product.


We provide same day dispatch on all orders before 2pm Monday - Friday. It's a next day service and also FREE for all UK mainland orders.

As a proud-to-be-green business, we ship all of our orders in our very own eco friendly, zero-waste packaging and for larger orders, we reuse pre loved boxes and use water activated paper tape.

Quality Guarantee

We take great pride in providing the best eco friendly packaging bags available, with a professional finish that is unchallenged. 

Each pack is quality checked and you can rest assured our self seal bags are everything you expect; completely odour-free & a super simple eco friendly swap.

Why Simplelifeco?

Buckle up and get ready for an extraordinary shopping experience!

When you choose to buy from Simplelifeco, you're not just supporting any old company. Nope! You're backing a certified B Corp that holds the same importance to the planet and our people as they do to making a profit.

From funding the planting of trees across the world to supporting local charity events, we'll get stuck in!

So thanks for believing in us, and helping to make it all happen!

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