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Coco Coir Compost Growing Brick

Coco Coir Compost Growing Brick

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Compact, lightweight and space-saving, our coco coir bricks arrive wrapped in compostable packaging and measure approx. 20x10x5cm, making them easy to deliver via post. Say goodbye to lifting heavy bags of compost out of the garden centre!

When water is added, each block produces 7-9 litres of coir compost. This can sometimes take up to 10 minutes to fully hydrate.

About the material

Coco coir is fibre that has been removed from the shell of a coconut. This fibre gets triple washed to remove any impurities and compressed into solid blocks. These blocks will expand when soaked in water and then used as a potting mix for plants.

The bricks have been triple washed so it’s safe to say you won’t find any pests, diseases or chemicals in our coco coir!

How to use

Place the brick into a container and simply add water. After a short while, the brick will have expanded and simply needs some fluffing up before being good to go!

Top Tip: Using lukewarm water really speeds up the growing process!


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As a proud-to-be-green business, we ship all of our orders in our very own eco friendly, zero-waste packaging and for larger orders, we reuse pre loved boxes and use water activated paper tape.

Quality Guarantee

We take great pride in providing the best quality coco coir available on the market. Each brick is quality checked and packed in a compostable bag before being popped into one of our mailers, or a box for larger orders.

Why Simplelifeco?

Buckle up and get ready for an extraordinary shopping experience!

When you choose to buy from Simplelifeco, you're not just supporting any old company. Nope! You're backing a certified B Corp that holds the same importance to the planet and our people as they do to making a profit.

From funding the planting of trees across the world to supporting local charity events, we'll get stuck in!

So thanks for believing in us, and helping to make it all happen!

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