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It’s no secret that the our world is changing, and that climate change really is “a thing”. 

I’m sure we’ve all either seen the news, a post on social media or read some articles about how humans have been the main cause of global warming - very gloomy indeed! But if we caused it, then surely we can all combine together to take massive action and help prevent it?

Here at Simplelifeco UK, our motto really is “do a little for a lot”. One of our small but mighty ways of bringing sustainable business practices to the resource-heavy world of packaging and mailing products is to plant a tree for every order. Or as we like to call it “Buy One, Get One Tree”. 

‘Going green’ is more than just a catchphrase — it’s a way of life. When you shop with us, fighting for climate change is just one click away thanks to our amazing partners at Ecologi. You can track the progress of our forest here


Simplelifeco UK seed gathering season

Not sure about you, but we LOVE to get our hands dirty in the garden! 

Autumn is on the way, and there is no better time to pop on the walking boots, go for a walk in nature and start collecting your own seeds ready to plant at home and watch them grow. Trees are the lungs of our planet. They store carbon, improve our health, reduce pollution and so much more. 

We have had quite the obsession over the years with collecting various different seeds like acorns, conkers etc. It really is so satisfying to watch your trees grow and evolve over the years, they are always changing and will never stay the same. 

Below is a photo of my very first Oak tree (proud mama moment🤣). I collected this acorn with my Grandma when I was 2 years old and we kept him in a pot to keep him Bonsai - he is now 29 years old, and the oldest member of our bonsai family.

simplelifeco uk bonsai oak tree

We now have quite the collection, and will keep going (it’s addictive!!). 

simplelifeco uk horse chestnut tree from seed

simplelifeco uk trees from seed

Seed gathering is a fun, free and easy activity that anyone can get involved in and it is such a great way to help us all grow a greener, tree-filled future. Why not pick some grow bags ready to pot your trees when they have germinated and have a go at planting your own trees to help protect our planet. Don’t we plant a tree with every order too!!

Anyway, that’s all for today folks, I’ll follow up soon with a “how to germinate your seeds” blog, for those who have managed to collect some and are curious about what to do next. 


Have a fantastic weekend!


Beth 💛🧡🌍✨🌱

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