Tell your brand story through your packaging

“People do not buy goods and services . They buy relations, stories and magic.” - Seth Godin

These days I often find myself more confused than ever before when making purchasing decisions online.

When it comes to [insert literally anything you can think of here], we have so many options and choices in front of us; especially with the volume of social media ads and social influencer posts we see daily. 

What is it that actually helps us make buying decisions?
We humans all seem to naturally search for connections and relationships without even realising it. We instinctively gravitate to brands that we trust and brands that we connect with. 

There are so many world class brands out there without world class media spends that establish true long lasting and authentic connections with customers through different experiences and storytelling. As a brand, you really have the power to connect with so many customers and develop true brand loyalty. 

Story telling through compostable packaging

Stories can bring a brand to life, and create a personality that connects deeply with ‘your tribe’.

Everything in life has a story and it’s your job to tell it - don’t worry, this doesn’t mean contacting the local press or writing a book. Even the simplest visual cues and experiences can paint a picture worth a thousand words. 
Why not try wrapping up your brand story through your packaging. 

How do I tell a story with my compostable mailing bags

First impressions are everything!

Outer packaging isn’t simply for protection or shipping purposes, it is an essential part of customer experience. Your packaging communicates who you are, what you stand for and it needs to align with your brand’s values.

I just love how multi-sensory packaging can be too. Everything from the colour of the package, to the feel or even the smell can make a difference to customer experience. 

These days customers are putting packaging under the microscope and are keen to choose brands who only use compostable mailing bags and sustainably sourced paper packaging supplies.

Consider your brand…. is it ethical and eco-conscious? If yes, then choosing compostable packaging that is made from corn starch as an alternative to plastic poly mailers is one of the easiest way to communicate everything that your brand stands for and your values. Demonstrate your commitment to our planet in such a simple, yet powerful way!

Your outer packaging should compliment your product inside and reflect your brand visually as it is the first thing your customer will see.  Compostable mail bags with the correct certifications are proving to be a real hit with customers, and are getting a lot of attention on the socials

So to summarise... Be intentional about the materials you use, take care with how you package your products and your story will last for generations.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with telling your brand story!



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