We are officially FSC® certified!

Today was a really fun day for us here at Simplelifeco HQ! 

After a jam packed morning of assessment, training and auditing, we are now extremely proud to announce that we are now officially FSC® certified!

You may have heard of FSC paper, or at least seen the logo on the packaging... but here's a little more info about the FSC and how they’re ensuring that all paper and wood used in conjunction with the tick tree logo is eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.

What is FSC?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. FSC runs a global forest certification system with two key components:
Forest Management
Chain of Custody


Becoming FSC certified shows that you comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

The FSC system allows businesses and customers to identify, purchase and use wood, paper and other forest products made with materials from well managed forests and/or recycled sources.

The logo

The "tick tree" logo is used to indicate that products are certified under the FSC system. When you see this logo you can buy forest products with confidence that you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.

How does it work?

Forests are inspected and certified agains the strict standards based on FSC's 10 Principles of Forest Stewardship.

In order to be given certification, the FSC regulations ensures that landowners use responsible forestry practices. The forest must be managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.

Not only that, but FSC eliminates deforestation, forest degradation and illegal logging in certified areas.

Packaging that puts our planet first

At Simplelifeco, we’re committed to using completely sustainable packaging material.

Our paper mailers and envelopes in the "I'm Eco Friendly" Collection are made from sustainably sourced FSC materials, and we were so proud, we have printed it on the back!

We are proud to have completed our certification, and we are so happy that you are able to use these fully certified mailing supplies too.

Head over to our Paper Mailer section and grab yours to join the movement!

Thanks for reading, and have a super day!


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