Endless Vintage - A working man, father and entrepreneur

Trend cycles come and go so quickly that production value and sustainability has decreased enormously in current times . Endless Vintage owner Nathan is driven by nostalgia for the good old days, where things were made to last after being placed on a hanger, “You can’t beat the old stuff” he told us when we caught up with him. 

Featuring timeless clothing ranging from the 90s to modern day, “the old stuff” is certainly part of this business, along with style, quality and care for the planet. Currently Nathan finds joy in providing clothing from the brands that he likes to wear; things from the 90s onward. He loves “hip hop culture and the trainer scene”; a niche but unique target audience.

In between a full time job and spending time with family, Nathan’s ability to allocate 3-4 hours a day to this small business is totally impressive! The urge to start the business was an issue many of us struggle with as of recent: clothing being bad quality for major prices. As fast fashion continues to dominate the world of waste (with a staggering 92 million tonnes of textile waste produced each year) many find it difficult to find good quality clothes. That is where Nathan comes in! He also hopes to evolve this business, create some pop up shops and hopefully a website to spread the eco conscious practice of selling second hand clothing that still have a whole second life left! 

As a business based on a practice that is great for the environment, being eco friendly in everything just makes sense. “I needed something fast so to be honest I wasn’t to fussed on the packaging, then the wife had a word and we found you guys” . Here at Simplelifeco we are pleased to hear that the compostable mailers prove a quick and more eco conscious solution for Endless Vintage. 

Challenges still come as a business owner. “Organisation, time and suppliers’  Nathan states. Honestly we think that Nathan must have a lot of organisation and time if he can carry a full time job, a family and a clothing business and still be afloat. Though as the market for second hand grows through websites like Depop and Vinted, it can understandably be difficult to find suppliers. These issues are no match for the positives of this business. The importance of customers to keep the business going is what makes Nathan’s day I had a gentleman in Scotland call me up and tell me how happy he was with the top he received from us .” he tells us. These small social interactions are massive to small businesses. 

It’s so important to hear stories from all businesses- small or big, old or new. As an 18 month old business, Nathan offers advice that may hit closer to more people who are just fresh in the world of starting a business. “You don’t want to be thinking what if” he says “consistency is key and really enjoy what you do then it doesn’t feel like a job.”

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