Most of what you do on a daily basis adds to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air, which contributes to our big global warming problem.

By taking steps to offset or reduce your carbon footprint you can balance out your emissions and work towards becoming what is known as Carbon Neutral.

Doing this is far easier than you may think, and we are here to help you get one step closer…

"The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation."

- Bastin et al. (2019)

By planting just a single a tree, you are contributing to reducing the worlds emissions.

Not only that, these new trees will also open up new habitats for wildlife, and you will be able to create new memories with your friends and family for years to come.

A gift that will keep on growing...

Planting a tree for yourself or a loved one is the perfect ethical present for celebrating an event or remembering a loved one.

You can get started by picking up an acorn, conker or pinecone that’s dropped to the ground and nurturing it until it grows into a 20ft+ tree!

If you're looking to plant a tree of your own, here are some bits to get you started...

Is gardening not for you?

Eden Reforestation Projects allow people like us to plant trees all across the globe with one click of a button.